Which Are the Best Free E-commerce Website Builders for Beginners?

The fact that you are frugal or don’t have enough money to launch your first e-commerce site should not discourage you from following your dreams. It also doesn’t mean going for just about anyone willing to offer you free hosting services. Any service, free or not, should be of good quality. But not everyone appreciates this so that I will walk you through top sites offering free website building services.

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Best free e-commerce website builders


This e-commerce solutions provider is famous for building sites from nothing to beautiful things. They offer flexible e-commerce website templates tailored to meet the needs of new site owners. Their free package plan has attracted the attention of millions from hundreds of countries worldwide. They provide 500MB space, unlimited pages, mobile site, and very secure hosting. With Wix, beginners are sure to upload images and write blogs with high confidence.

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When they started this platform, the goal was to streamline hosting, web design, and domain registration while sparing their users from financial burdens. Millions have had the pleasure of using WebStarts to build their sites in just a few minutes. They come with an easy-to-use interface, customized features, and beautiful templates perfect for your blog, basic website, or online shop.


Most e-commerce websites would admit to using WordPress as one of their features. Everyone knows it, love it, and many have grown with it. Many e-commerce website designers include WordPress in their pitch to win clients. Its comprehensive platform is so extensive that anyone would find it hard to believe it’s completely free of charge. So good is this platform that e-commerce solution Shopify uses it to reach clients. Although they do not offer hosting services, beginners can write their blogs freely using customizable features and themes.


Millions of e-commerce platforms have been birthed from Webnode. Their free premium packages are very user-friendly making them perfect for beginners. They come with the customer and hosting support that will help you get started in under 5 minutes, as well as an unlimited amount of pages. You can use their beautiful templates to develop your site along with excellent SEO tools to get your site visible online. Although they are mobile friendly allowing users to move as they work on their mobile phones, Web node has some strong SEO features that will place your site top the ranks of search engines.

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