3 Facts about E-Commerce Solution That No Expert Will Tell You.

E-Commerce Solution

With the growth of popularity in online shopping, e-commerce is becoming a gold mine. Both startups and multinational corporations are now operating an e-commerce website or an online shop to ensure they are not outcasts in the digital revolution. Notably, when you consult a business expert, the first advisory they will offer to you is taking your business to the virtual world. However, taking the move is not as easy as it sounds.

A slight mistake in the digitization process can cost you the entire venture or even cripple it forever. In particular, deciding on which e-commerce solution to use whether to go for open source or SaaS platform is not an easy task. To help you understand more about them, this article presents to you 3 facts about e-commerce platforms which your consultant may not reveal to you. Here they are:

No platform is 100%

Whether you go with the open source or the SaaS option, there is no guarantee that your business will have no issues. Either of the two has its own benefits and shortcomings. For instance, the SaaS option is easy to setup your online store compared to the open source. In contrast, if you love uniqueness, then open source platforms are the best option. These platforms give you an opportunity to customize your e-commerce website based on your needs and preferences.  As such, no platform is 100%. Thus, you need to go with the option that will serve your current and future business needs.

Hosting fee is a common requirement

If you want an independent website that does not put you under the second level domain name, you have to cater for hosting fee. Regardless of the solution, you opt for; you require a host to ensure online presence. The only difference between the two sources is that open source gives you an opportunity to build your site from scratch without pay for it, while the latter offers you drag and drop features without giving your access to the background coding. However, none of them offers you free hosting services. Hence, if you need to launch your e-commerce website, you have to source for revenue to fund your hosting services.

You are responsible for your website branding

While e-commerce solutions offer your tools to enhance your online presence, you are responsible for your brand identity. For instance, even though the platform you are using is SEO friendly, you cannot rank better without quality content and keywords. As such, you have a duty of planning and implementing branding campaigns if you have to benefit from your e-commerce website.

And those are some of the facts about e-commerce solutions your expert is not telling you.